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An essential parameter of the success of your event

Paris Yacht 1 selected 3 formulae for all the tastes, all the occasions, all the requirements, whether it is for a professional or private event:

Sur mesure

Le sur-mesure

The seated meal remains the the most classic form and consists generally of a standing apéritif cocktail followed by a lunch or a dinner served at table. Several menus are proposed, which can be personalized on request.

The cocktail party "finger food " consists of an assortment of cold, hot & sweet pieces, corresponding in gastronomic quantity to a lunch or a dinner. Certain formulae integrate a hot dish, a culinary animation, some cheese.... All the offers can be personalized on request.

According to your wishes, formulae presented can be personalized, enriched or completed to answer at best at your event (pyramid of macaroons, "pièce montée" of puffs, birthday  cake, culinary animation).
On the contrary, relieved formulae (cocktail apéritif, snack, brunch, tasting of wines or champagnes) answer to different requests.
Contact us, we are at your disposal to assist you in the realization of your event.

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