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A true historic spectacle

Cruise on the Seine under 37 bridges & footbridges and among the most beautiful monuments of Paris


From the Statue of Liberty on the West until Bercy/the big Library in the East, the Seine flows into Paris under 37 bridges and footbridges, and alongside the most beautiful monuments of our capital: the Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame, the Grand Palais, the Louvre, the City hall, the Orsay Museum...

La croisière sur la Seine à Paris

Click the red points along the Seine to discover the main Parisian stopovers. The main monuments seen during a cruise are also captioned

The complete Parisian cruise from the Statue of Liberty to the Big Library represents a 2h30 cruise. It is the magic cruise which will make of your event a real historic spectacle.

On the Seine, other longer navigations are possible. Downstream up to the island Seguin, the island in full reconstruction with in particular the brand new "Seine Musicale", a real architectural work. Upstream up to the mouth of the Marne at the level of Chinagora.

On the river Marne, upstream to Paris, and for a cruise of minimum 4 hours in the day, find the atmosphere of the open-air dance halls of the edges of the Marne, cross locks and the tunnel under the hill of Saint-Maur, to discover a green & bucolic environment few kilometers away from Paris.

In Paris finally, on the canals, from the port of the Arsenal, real maritime enclave in Paris, discover Paris of the "Hôtel du Nord" (famous movie), cruise under the vault of the place of the Bastille, cross the numerous traditional locks of the canals Saint-Martin & Ourcq, up to the basin of the Villette, to reach possibly by the water to the Stade de France in Saint-Denis to attend a sporting event.

To discover the Seine and its banks in Paris, a small video realized by the City hall of Paris

Les berges de la Seine
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