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The most appreciated cruise is the crossing of Paris, amount and swallowing, from the statue of Liberty to Bercy. This cruise represents 2h30 navigation and offers the splendid and single spectacle of Paris and its most beautiful monuments : the Eiffel Tower, the Grand Palais, the Louvre, Notre-Dame... without forgetting of course all the bridges.
It's "THE" cruise in Paris, that which makes your day or your evening an unforgettable moment.

Monuments: click on the monument selected to display a description
Stopovers: click to display the map of the stopover, or DIRECT ACCESS :
Javel, Grenelle, Debilly, Branly, Solférino, Louvre, Notre-Dame, Montebello, Henri IV, Jardin des Plantes, Grande Bibliothèque, Bercy

Paris cruise
Longer cruises are possible:
- on the Seine, until Boulogne downstream (Seguin island) and the mouth of the river Marne upstream (Chinagora), or for a all day of navigation in the neighbourhoods of Paris, towards the lock of Bougival and its green banks of the island of Chatou and Carrières sur Seine, prety city.
- on the canals in Paris (the basin of the Arsenal from which begins the canal Saint-Martin (by the passage of the vault under the Bastille), then in the prolongation the canal de l'Ourcq.
- on the river Marne in an environement quiclky green, with passage of locks and crossing under the tunnel of Saint-Maur : an original landscape at only one hour of navigation from Notre-Dame...

Other navigations taking several days are also attractive :
- the Seine downstream until Rouen offers various landscapes of islands, cliffs and fields
- The Oise, which meets the Seine at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine with several historical and touristic places like l'Ile Adam, the island of the impressionnistes, the Abbaye of Royaumont...
- The upstream towards Fontainebleau and its marvellous properties overhanging the river.
With Paris Yacht 1, discover or rediscover all the beauty and magic of Paris seen from the river Seine:
on a private yacht or boat, for a business cruise or a cruise with family or freinds, admire the so many bridges of Paris,
splendid monuments throughout the banks. The Seine is really the most beautiful avenue of Paris!

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